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  • Product Name: Detachable ELISA Plate
  • Product ID: KJ511-6 KJ511-5
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◎ This microplate is designed specially for ELISA, made of medical grade PS material, which conforms to SBS regulation. The reaction well is flat bottom, transparent with high binding force (Protein binding force 300-400ng/cm2).
◎ The whole strip is smooth and transparent without weld line on the bottom.
◎ The detachable plate, from 96-well to 1 well can be randomly selected, greatly improving the flexibility of diagnosis and test.
◎ All wells are fixed in the frame with same height, which prevents the instrument from seizing up.
◎ Superior design makes it easy and convenient for use in the automatic work station.
◎ DNase and RNase free, non-pyrogenic.

Item No. Well Bottom Shape Spec. Sterilization Qty/Cs
KJ511-5 Flat 12 Wells Gamma Radiation 200
KJ511-6 Flat 8 Wells Gamma Radiation 200

◎ Packed in sealing paper-plastic bag or plastic bag to prevent contamination.
◎ Optional in E.O. or Gamma radiation sterilization.
◎ Available in individual or bulk pack.
◎ Lot no will be shown on the package for quality tracing.
◎ High strength carton guarantees the transportation safety.