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  • Product Name: Micro-centrifuge Tube
  • Product ID: KJ307-3
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◎ Made of High transparency PP material, adapted to micro centrifuge, widely used in molecular biology, clinical chemistry and Bio-chemistry research.
◎ Available in various volume: 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 5ml.
◎ The cap can be one-hand open and closed ,Easy to operate.
◎ Chemical corrosion and low temperature resistance.
◎ No release reagent, plasticizer and fungistat added during production, free of heavy metal.
◎ Stable under high centrifuge speed, up to 15000 rpm. It can guarantee staff safety and environment while testing toxic samples.
◎ Adapted to wide range of temperature from -80 ℃ to 121 ℃, no distortion.
◎ Clear graduation on the wall for easier observation.
◎ Frosted area on the cap and tube for comenvent mark and identification.
◎ Available in sterile by E.O or Gamma radiation.

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Microcentrifuge tube (Pink/ Yellow/Blue)