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  • Product Name: Stool Collector
  • Product ID: KJ534 KJ534-1
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         This kind of patent stool collector is mainly used for collection and pre-treatment of stool routine, FOB, Microorganism and rotavirus. Scientific structure and humanized design prevents medical staff and the environment from being polluted during specimen collection and pre-treatment. Integrated sealing method makes the operation easier and safer. It is the ideal consumable used in clinical labs which will make the test result more accurate.
◎ It is composed of preserving liquid tube(with diluents inside), snappable stick, connection part, sealing screw cap, Sampling tip and specimen diluting tube, etc.
◎ The integrated sealing design ensures the pre-treatment done in a completely sealed container. Easy, convenient, and safe.
◎ The multi-groove design can make the specimen collection standardized and quantified.
◎ The sampling stick is strong for sampling without deformation.
◎ Made of superior PE material, the preserving liquid tube has proper thickness with good elasticity.
◎ The snappable stick in the preserving liquid tube is hollow, can be easily broken off with pressing it at a 30º angle. 2ml diluent will flow into the diluting tube smoothly.
◎ E.O. or radiation sterile available.

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