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  • Product Name: KJMC-I Decapper for Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes
  • Product ID: 01. KJMC-I
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◎ It would be simpler and more convenient by using the automatic machine to reduce medical staff's labor intensity and improve the work efficiency.
◎ Effectively avoid being infected by skin scratch when the staff open the cap of cracked glass tube by hand.
◎ Due to the negative pressure inside the tube, too much force during the cap opening will cause blood spatter. The machine successfully solves the danger of cross infection and avoid the trouble of frequent hand washing.
◎ Radically preclude the danger of potential biological contamination caused by residual aerosol inside the tube during manual operation.
◎ Meanwhile, it is highly meaningful to bio-safety.

Replaceable Tube Rack:

Technical Data:

Voltage:                    AC 220V±10% (50/60Hz)
Power rating:            45W
Opening Speed:       60pcs/min
Tube rack:                24 wells/rack
Tube size:                 Ø13×75mm, Ø13×100mm
External dimension: 420×250×200mm

All above instrument parameters for reference purposes only, if the technology changes without further notice, please understand.