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  • Product Name: Box for Cryovials
  • Product ID: KJ805-2 KJ805-3
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◎ The cryovial workstation is made of ABS material, adapted to temperature from -80 to 120 ℃.
◎ Unique well bottom design makes it easy for one-handed opening and closing caps of the self standing tubes.
◎ The cryovial storage box is made of PC material, shock resistant, acid and alkali resistant. Adapted to temperature from -196 to 121 ℃.
◎ Transparent cover for easy observation into the box.

Item No. Description Spec. Qty/Cs
KJ805-2 Box for Cryovials 100 Wells (1.8ml) 50
KJ805-3  Box for Cryovials 50 Wells (1.8ml) 50