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  • Product Name: Virus collection transport system
  • Product ID: F009
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        It's applicable to the collection, storage and transfer for virus specimen, which will guarantee effective control on the microbe's trait and physiologically active as well as avoiding biological contamination.

Product use:

        For flu, swine flu, avian influenza, foot and mouth and other respiratory and enteric virus nasal and throat sampling and delivery. The company launched the microorganism collecting and transporting complete solution. Coverage of the respiratory tract, intestinal bacteria, virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma, collecting and transporting. Hope for the microbiology laboratory staff convenience.

 Product composition:

        1) the sterile disposable polyester fiber swab.

        2) containing 3ml medium with Hank's solution of 15ml glass beads with conical transporting pipe.

 Product features:

        1) by using the universal convenient sterilizing paper-plastic packaging.

        2) gamma ray sterilization, ensure the sterility.

        3) packing box set of independent packaging, easy to use.

        4) according to the different specimens with different solutions.

Product advantage:

        1) the collection tube characteristics:

            A, the acquisition system using polyester swabs of microorganisms, no poison, to the greatest extent of the increase in specimen collection and release.

            B, swab full-length 16cm, plastic rod has a unique design to be broken. Break in the process of small debris.

            C, no specimens of residues, accelerate the process of specimen.

            D, swab for sterilization packaging.

        2) delivery tube characteristics:

            A, 3ml quantity enough collected from multiple project testing requirements.

            B, glass beads, convenient washing, beneficial microorganisms more release into the culture medium.

            C, according to the different samples with different culture medium, ensure efficient preservation of samples.

            D, transporting tube using high transparent polypropylene material, RCF 6000.

Method of operation:

        Pharyngeal swab: with polypropylene fiber head swab bilateral pharyngeal tonsil and the posterior pharyngeal wall, also the swab head is immersed in the sample solution, the tail off. Note: nasal, pharyngeal swab can also be collected from the same sample tube, so as to improve the separation rate, reduce the workload.

Item No. Description Spec. Qty/Cs
KJ502-18 Virus collection transport system (Individual pack, sterile) 10ml / 15ml  250