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  • Product Name: Embedding Cassette
  • Product ID: KJ802 KJ802-1 KJ803 KJ803-1
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◎ Made of high density acetal polymer,specially designed to hold biopsy specimen safely for treatment,embedding and storage.
◎ Chemical resistance, adapted to all histology solvent, no distortion.
◎ Biopsy type and tissue type available.
◎ The 45° angled cassette features a large writing surface for marking.
◎ Available in multi colors: White, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue, etc.

Item No. Description Qty/Cs
KJ802 Embedding Cassette, Tissue 2500
KJ802-1 Embedding Cassette, Tissue 2500
KJ802-2 Embedding Cassette, Tissue 2500
KJ803 Embedding Cassette, Biopsy 2500
KJ803-1 Embedding Cassette, Biopsy 2500