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  • Product Name: Pipette Tip
  • Product ID: KJ401—KJ404
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◎ Made of high transparency PP material, advanced technology, the tip is straight with high accuracy.
◎ KANGJIAN supplies multiple tips including: universal tip, filter tip, Tip with graduation, Low-adhere tip, Non-pyrogenic tip.
◎ Adapted to various pipettes like: Gilson, Eppendorf, Thermo-Fisher, Finn, Dragonlab, Qiujing etc.
◎ High quality tip with smooth inner wall which can avoid leakage and sample residual.
◎ Filter tip can prevent cross contamination between pipette/specimen and specimen.
◎ Available in bulk pack in plastic bag or dispenser box.
◎ Optional sterile by E.O or Gamma radiation.

Item No. Description Spec. Qty/Cs
KJ401 Tip for Eppendorf 1000ul 10000
KJ402 Tip for Eppendorf 300ul 30000
KJ403 Tip for Eppendorf 200ul 30000
KJ404 Tip for Eppendorf 10ul 50000