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  • Product Name: Swab with PP Tube
  • Product ID: KJ502
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◎ This kind of swab is composed of collection swab, tip and PP sealing tube. According to different requirements, the swab stick has optional material like wood, PP or PS. The swab tip material is available in superior absorbent cotton, artificial cotton, polyester fiber.
◎ Used for sampling from the parts of vagina, urogenital canal, etc.
◎ Adapted to sampling from the parts of urethra and so on.
◎ Individual or bulk pack available.

Item No.
Material (Stick+Tip)
Packing Method
KJ502 PP / PS + Viscose       2400
KJ502-2 PP / PS + Polyester       2400
KJ502-3 Wood + Cotton / Viscose Ø13×180mm EO or Radiation  Individual pack
Bulk pack
KJ502-4 Stainless Steel + Polyester       2400
KJ502-5 PP / PS + Cotton       2400