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  • Product Name: Cell Scraper & Lifter
  • Product ID: KJ510-1 KJ510-2 KJ510-3
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◎ The blade of the cell scraper is made of PTE material. The long shaft is made of ABS material. It is mainly used for cells collection. Excellent design ensures minimum harm to cells and superior structure can make it contact to almost all the container surface.
◎ Special blade free-turning design can keep ideal angle when collecting cells.
◎ Made of elastic material, the blade is soft to make sure the cells won’ t be harmed.
◎ The cell lifter is made of superior PE material which has a good tenacity.
◎ Angle design for the lifter blade makes the cell collection smooth without heap.
◎ Available in E.O. or Gamma radiation sterile.

Item No.  Description Spec. Qty/Cs
KJ510-1 Cell Scraper (individual pack) 18CM 2000
KJ510-2  Cell Scraper (individual pack) 25CM 2000
KJ510-3  Cell Lifter (individual pack) 18CM 2000