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  • Product Name: Cervix Sampler
  • Product ID: KJ502-3 KJ502-15 KJ502-18
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◎ It is composed of stick and sampling brush.
◎ Adapted to gynecology routine inspection and cervical mucosa disease, to judge erosion degree, epithelial dysplasia,early stage cervical cancer.
◎ The shape and length of cervix cell sampler can be adapted to the cervix dissection structure,soft and intensive, It can collect more tissue specimen and do less harm to the tissue, 100% cells can be collected to the preservation liquid.

Item No. Tip Material Total Length Sterilization Packing Method Qty/Cs
KJ502-13 Low Density Polyethylene 198mm EO or Radiation Individual Pack 2000
KJ502-15 Nylon Yarn 193mm EO or Radiation Individual Pack 2000
KJ502-18 Nylon Yarn 168mm EO or Radiation Individual Pack