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  • Product Name: Petri dish (Ring Gear)
  • Product ID: KJ506-1 KJ506-3
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◎ Made of high transparency medical grade PS material, Used for fungus, bacteria and other microorganism culture.
◎ Superior production technique makes the dish thickness uniform. The dish bottom is smooth and clean without deformation, which makes the quantitative analysis more precise.
◎ Easy to stack up with the stack up circle.
◎ Vent design for easy air exchange.
◎ E.O or Gamma radiation sterile available.

Item No. Description Spec. Qty/Cs
KJ506-1 Petri Dish (Ring Gear) Ø90 500
KJ506-3 Petri Dish (Ring Gear) Ø60 1040

◎ Packed in sealing paper-plastic bag or plastic bag to prevent contamination.
◎ Optional in E.O. or Gamma radiation sterilization.
◎ Available in individual or bulk pack.
◎ Lot no will be shown on the package for quality tracing.
◎ High strength carton guarantees the transportation safety.