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  • Product Name: KJMR-III Multifunction Mixer
  • Product ID: 03. KJMR-III
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◎ Three mixing models, Adapted to mixing of Blood samples, Urinary samples, Injectables and plasma etc.
◎ High performance & low noise stepping DC motor to make rapid and thorough mixing of samples.
◎ Specified silicon clip ring, can fit various kinds of test tubes and centrifuge tubes.
◎ Tight and reasonable structure makes it running stable. Adapted to various environment.
◎ LCD with backlight can display the current speed, time and operation mode, convenient for readingand setting.
◎ Precise digital time and speed setting can easily carry out the continuous operation mode.
◎ Light touch panel design makes operation easy.

Technical Data:
Operation method: Rotation: 360°clockwise
                                               360°clockwise-anticlockwise cross
                                Shaking: Forward-backward reciprocating action with<5°angle
                                   Vortex: Forward-backward reciprocating action with<5°angle+360°clockwise rotation

Speed range:5-40rpm
No.1 working plate:1.5ml~15ml test tube or centrifuge tube 22pcs
No.2 working plate:50ml centrifuge tube 6pcs, 1.5ml~15ml test tube or centrifuge tube 4pcs
Running mode:Timing
Timing range:1min-60h
Input voltage(frequency):AC 220V±10%(50/60Hz)
Input power:15W
Protective class:IP31
Permissible ambient temperature:5-50℃
Permissible relative moisture:80%
Net. Weight:3 kg