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  • Product Name: Digital Rocking Mixer
  • Product ID: 02. KJ-201BYA
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◎ It can carry out an action of waving swing up and down of 7 degree(Also can be customized),which can make the liquid in the container move mild like the wave.
◎ Specified anti-slip pad together with tightening belt is adapted to multiple culture flasks and petri dishes.
◎ Driven by High performance DC Motor, Running stable, No noise, Long lifetime.
◎ LCD with backlight can display the current speed, time and operation mode, convenient for readingand setting.
◎ Precise digital time and speed setting can easily carry out the continuous operation mode.
◎ Wide-range voltage design. Avoid the interference to the equipment by instable voltage.

Main Technical Data:

Operation method: Circling
Circling diameter: 22mm
Max. Loading weight: 1kg
Speed range: 20-230rpm
Timing range: 0-999min
Running mode: Timing/Continuous
Input voltage(frequency): AC100-240V(50/60Hz)
Input power: 10W
Working plate size: 310×219(Common type)   240×155 (With cover)
Protective class: IP21
Permissible ambient temperature: 5-50℃
Permissible relative moisture: 80%
Dimensions: 320×315×120mm
Net. Weight: 4.5Kg

All above instrument parameters for reference purposes only, if the technology changes without further notice, please understand.