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  • Product Name: Deepwell Plate
  • Product ID: KJ511-10-
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◎ Made of high quality PP material, High chemical stability, Can be sterilized under high temperature, Adapted to multi-channel pipette and automatic machine.
◎ Square well, U-bottom design ensures minimum sample residual.
◎ Moulded letters and numbers,convenient for locating.
◎ Confirm to SBS regulation, can be stacked up stablely.
◎ Good sealing performance, Top of the plate is flat and uniform to keep effective sealing.
◎ Optional Gamma radiation sterile, DNAse, RNAse free and Non-pyrogenic.

Item No. Well Bottom Shape Spec. Sterilization Qty/Cs
KJ511-10 Square well, U-bottom 96 Wells, PP Gamma Radiation 50

◎ Packed in sealing paper-plastic bag or plastic bag to prevent contamination.
◎ Optional in E.O. or Gamma radiation sterilization.
◎ Available in individual or bulk pack.
◎ Lot no will be shown on the package for quality tracing.
◎ High strength carton guarantees the transportation safety.