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  • Product Name: Vacuum Urine Collector
  • Product ID: KJ527
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◎ This collector is composed of Urine collection cup and vacuum urine collection tube, which is made of Medical grade Plastic material, Mainly used for urine specimen collection.
◎ Good sealing performance prevents leakage effectively, convenient for specimen storage and transportation, also can avoid the contact between medical staff and specimen.
◎ The cap features a label that seals the cannula in order to prevent patients from contacting with collection needle.
◎ Available with customized bar code.
◎ Sterilized by E.O. or Gamma radiation.

Item No. Description Material Volume Sterilization Qty/Cs
KJ527 Urine Collection Cup PP 100ml E.O. or Radiation 300
Vacuum Tube PET 10ml E.O. or Radiation 1200