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  • Product Name: KJMR-V 3D Rotation Mixer
  • Product ID: 06. KJMR-V
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◎ It can carry out the action of 3D circling rotation with 20˚ tilt angle (can be customized) , especially adapted to mixing of samples with low froth,And in process of DNA extracting,staining and decoloration.
◎ Driven by High performance AC Motor, Running stable ,No noise, Long lifetime.
◎ Tight and reasonable structure makes it running stable. adapted to various environment.
◎ Specified anti-slip spike-like pad is adapted to mixing of multiple types of test tubes, centrifuge tubes and tubelar container.

Main Technical Data:
Operation method:3D circling rotation
Angle of tilt:20°
Max. Loading weight:1.5kg
Motor type:AC motor
Speed range:20rpm
Running mode:Continuous
Input voltage(frequency):AC220V±10%(50/60Hz)

Input power:6W
Working plate size:240×170mm
Protective class:IP21
Permissible ambient temperature:5-50℃
Permissible relative moisture:80%
Net. Weight:2.5Kg


All above instrument parameters for reference purposes only, if the technology changes without further notice, please understand.