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  • Product Name: Cell Spreader
  • Product ID: KJ511-1 KJ511-2
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◎ Made of PS material, it is an ideal tool to keep the cell or bacteria growing uniformly on the surface of the petri dish.
◎ Available in ▽ , T, and L type.
◎ Mellow and smooth on the surface to reduce the harm to cells.
◎ End extension design of the L spreader reduces harm to the medium.
◎ Available in E.O. or Gamma radiation sterile.

Item No.  Description Spec. Qty/Cs
KJ511-1 Bacterial Cell spreader L Type(in bulk) 6000
    L Type(Individual pack, sterile) 3000
    L Type (5pcs per pack, sterile) 3000
    L Type(10pcs per pack, sterile) 3000
KJ511-2 Bacterial Cell spreader T Type(in bulk) 6000
    T Type( Individual pack, sterile) 3000
    T Type(5pcs per pack, sterile) 3000
    T Type(10pcs per pack, sterile) 3000