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The third party medical examination: medical reform "golden eggs"

Date:Feb 4,2015

Go to the hospital to check the body, a lot of people have this experience: a huge crowds of peopleentered the hall, each detection project before long lines, long waiting is a kind of suffering to thepatients and their families...... However, in recent years, with the rise of the third party medical examination continuously, patients can have faster just tested, eliminating unnecessary waiting time, without pay. The third party medical test whether in the medical system has played a role in what? The reporter interviewed survey.

When outsourcing has become a habit

"Medical examination outsourcing is not mysterious, many years ago, my hospital to undertakesome community medical institutions inspection project, the Institute has the detection sample sent to large hospital for help." Qinhuai District of Nanjing City, built in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, vice president Lin Yingchao recalls, third party medical examination in Nanjing gradually scale, more and more hospitals and large-scale cooperation is in recent years the thing. In 2011,the construction of Chinese medicine hospital began to hospital do not cost too high or theinspection items sent to the third party medical testing agencies testing. Now, the hospital andNanjing Jinyu, Dean of top four third party medical inspection institutions have been established incooperation, cooperation projects accounted for nearly 1/3 of all test items.

"The third party medical examination is complete enterprise operation, the door contact speed good service attitude, the inspection quality has safeguard, but also low cost of the hospital, we put somewere kept in the hospital for projects have gradually transferred to the third party." Lin Yingchao tells a reporter, because with the third party medical inspection cooperation, a large communitycenter hospital of this service around sixty thousand people, to make up for the lack of detectionprojects, come up with more financial resources and manpower to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, more competitive.

Not only small and medium-sized hospital for the third party medical inspection hands hug, manyhospitals also gradually to third party laboratory medicine as a complement in operation. "Although Nanjing each big hospital are engaged in 'arms race', but the investment can not be unlimited, scale effect and service level of the third party inspection, valued a big hospital." Department of Pathology, Jiangsu Province People's Hospital professor and chief physician Fan Qin told reporters,in recent years the province people's hospital with third party medical inspection agencies in thepersonnel, business, academic exchanges and cooperation with more and more. He said one example, a high-end detection equipment frequently millions, count on team building, staff training,machine maintenance costs will be higher. In addition, the detection reagent expensive have strictquality guarantee period, for example some reagent bottle opening must be used in the half moon,and a hospital in such a short period of time may not have so many patients. "Whether to do a dishor ten, all want to use fuel, pots and pans, third party medical examination by virtue of its scale effect and professional level gradually up the sky in the medical system." Fan Qin and said.

"Growing pains"

The hospital cost savings, patients get faster results, its benefit, win-win effect for the third partymedical inspection take cities and seize territory, changing the whole industry at the same time alsogrow their own, at the same time, they are experiencing the "growing pains". "We are looking fornew office space." Nanjing Jinyu medical inspection of a responsible person told the reporter, the business volume rapid growth make the office field located in the window of the world more andmore can't satisfy the demand of industrial park.

KINGMED diagnostics development how fast? Here is a set of digital display. Only Nanjing, Jiangsu province in 2012 with more than 700 medical institutions to cooperate, provides medical testing services for the province of 200 more than person time of patients, this year is more rapiddevelopment. The development course of Nanjing, make a spurt of progress also staged in theKingsway Group National 21 provincial chain center laboratory, is the epitome of Medical Laboratory of national industry development of the third party.

Development too fast, often easy to ignore the supervision and management of quality. But in"medical industry quality is absolutely competitive", quality control is also never relax. In Nanjing, in the laboratory, the person in charge of the company told reporters rigorous quality control system to KINGMED diagnostics "the tip of the iceberg" -- run chart of comprehensive quality managementKINGMED diagnostics, through strict control of more than 1600 sectors of the process, thus to achieve the demand of customers from put forward to how to meet the whole process control of customer demand, icon has a detailed description of. "This year the Golden Mile test group once again start the process reengineering," the responsible person said, "Jinyu group has been firmly believe that, as a third party laboratory medicine industry, how much investment in quality controlare worth it."

The scale of the expansion is brought about by the increasing demand of talents, but influenced bythe traditional concept of a secure job, third party medical examination is very difficult to recruit the backbone of public hospitals in the prime of life, integrity. Therefore, they take a more flexible approach in personnel recruitment. Through the recruitment of campus elite for the future reservetalent, by hiring experts at home and abroad, high-end discipline talent better butt each clinical disciplines, and to help control quality, ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

The future broad space for development

In an interview with the many according to the insiders, the rapid development of the third partymedical examination, let benefit from the policy. In recent years, regulators for the third partymedical inspection "is identity, to the policy", make them burst out of its vitality, its development alsoin the promotion of the reform process.

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