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In small clinical laboratory instruments purchase Essentials

Date:Feb 4,2015

Objective: to help small and medium-sized master the essentials of clinical laboratory equipment purchase.

Methods: the analysis of small clinical laboratory equipment purchase influencing factors.

Results: according to the introduction to choose methods and precautions.

Conclusion: small clinical laboratory to master the correct purchase essentials, make the equipment purchase is more scientific, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of hospitals and.

With the development of the national economy, the continuous progress of science and technology,and the requirements of the people on the level and quality of medical service is improving day by day, all clinical laboratories are constantly introducing new test items, and carry out some newprojects must purchase the corresponding equipment. In fact, regardless of the big, in, small clinicallaboratory are constantly purchase new equipment, to meet the required for the development ofnew projects, at the same time, improve the level of quality inspection, this is a trend.

However, each laboratory condition is not the same. Large-scale general hospital clinical laboratoryin financial strength, large and medium-sized city, the relevant information is well-informed,instrument use rate is high, the service surface broad, investment recovery period is short, the instrument of the same type can be equipped with relatively adequate backup. In contrast, in manysmall laboratory, belong to grass-roots hospital, whether financial, information can not be compared with the former, and the low volume of business, investment recovery slow, the use of high cost,repair and maintenance is relatively difficult, the same type of instrument backup small possibility. A series of difficult situation facing for medium and small-sized clinical laboratory, how to purchasecheap, suitable for instrument of our laboratory, this paper expounds the author's point of view.

The purchase of laboratory equipment should first be subordinate to and in the service of the hospital overall medical service characteristics and situation, this is a major premise, the priorshould be fully demonstrated, select the type and grade of the instrument, neither too much beyond the reality, and to waste, at the same time, but also have certain prospective. In the financial andthe actual usage of limited circumstances, there are plans to gradually transform, update the laboratory instrument conditions.

Once the procurement items and instruments grades are determined, to start the work is relevant technical data collection of this kind of instrument, the grade of many brands, understand thequotation and the actual price, marketing organization and manufacturer's qualification, reputation,market share, customer service service information is also in the collection of the column, obtain these information, can get through meetings, phone and consulting users approach, then theinformation obtained from the analysis of argumentation,

Generally speaking, small and medium-sized laboratory permissions on adding apparatus on the problem of little effect, but after all, from the point of view of technology has its own advantages,make preliminary investigation argument is the laboratory management and the use of personnelduty. At the same time, will be collected on the information and conclusions of the analysis report tothe leadership of the hospital, make a written report to the hospital leadership when necessary,provide products and distributors of the candidate list and reasons, provides the reference for thedecision-making of the leadership and the bidding procurement. And

Maintain a good and effective communication hospital leadership, to obtain the support of the leadership, is one of the prerequisites of successful procurement.

The supplier must provide relevant requirements, in addition to the brand, product prices, as is the factory direct sale, need at least provide production license, production license, business license,certificate of measuring instruments, contact telephone number, product sales (including the after sale service, maintenance of vulnerable parts supply), product introduction information and the original commitment technical performance, user name list and contact way. Such as by the dealermarketing, in addition to the above information, but also to provide the distributor the product must be qualification certificates and manufacturer's marketing authorization, and understanding of supplier reputation and corporate image.

The instrument brand choice, the author argues that, in small laboratory should focus on the choice of a higher share of products in the local market or adjacent regions, this kind of products are generally relatively mature technology, have enough confidence to dealers, after sale servicerelative also has safeguard. In the process of purchase the excessive emphasis on saving money,or for some other reasons for the first person to eat crabs, is a misunderstanding, the above testinstrument, the vast majority of prices are in the tens of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars or even million, the grass-roots hospitals, the economic strength is not well-off once failure,the consequences are serious.

To provide the instrument vendor selection, through analysis of the information provided,understand some basic situation, especially, should make full use of the manufacturers to provideuser name list, selectively to consult, can also use the opportunity to control the meeting have beenusing this device and peers for advice, focus on understanding the performance of the instrument,the daily consumption and after sale service price, etc., from the channel to the information ratio from information supplied by the manufacturer is more real and reliable.

The only way to choose instrument brand, model and the supplier, will only be purchasing risk to a minimum, and to ensure that the utility of the. The choice of instrument brand and high reputation of the supplier is just the first step in equipment purchase, skillfully and supplier negotiation skills is necessary and art, perhaps everyone the negotiation strategies and styles are different, but the principle is the maintenance of party in the premise of reasonable, lawful under the interests,especially in contract writing especially note the rigor and logic, otherwise, the work done is likely towaste all the previous efforts.

Purchase inspection instrument, it seems on the surface, and the same as ordinary consumer, but in essence, the hospital only intermediate consumers, the ultimate elimination

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